TOAW III Tournament

The first TOAW III tournament organized by warhut blog is about to start! To register or for more information please write a comment to this article. The tournament will be “side swap play” with a total of 8 players, there will be also a prize for the 1st place.



The 1st place wins the official stein of Matrix Games for TOAW III (link to item) to celebrate the victory! :)

Warhut Tournament

Warhut Tournament

WALKRA is the winner of this first tournament created here in Warhut :)




Murphz (Axis Overwhelming Victory) vs Flip (Soviet Overwhelming Loss)

Flip (Axis Draw) vs Murphz (Soviet Draw)


Gotthard H (Russian Overwhelming Victory) vs Generalkleber (German Overwhelming Loss)

Generalkleber (Russian Overwhelming Victory) vs Gotthard H (German Overwhelming Loss)


LaPalice (Axis Overwhelming Loss) vs Walkra (Allies Overwhelming Victory)

Walkra (Axis Overwhelming Victory) vs LaPalice (Allies Overwhelming Loss)


Razorback (Allies Overwhelming Victory) vs Luigim (Axis Overwhelming Loss)

Lugim (Allies Overwhelming Loss) vs Razorback (Axis Overwhelming Victory)


Walkra (Balkan League Significant Victory) vs Razorback (Bulgaria Significant Loss)

Razorback (Balkan League Significant Loss) vs Walkra (Bulgaria Significant Victory)


Murphz (Allies Overwhelming Loss) vs Gotthard H (Axis Overwhelming Victory)

Gotthard H (Allies Overwhelming Loss) vs Murphz (Axis Overwhelming Victory)


Gotthard H (British Overwhelming Loss) and Walkra (Germany Overwhelming Victory)
Walkra (British Marginal Victory) and Gottahard H (Germany Marginal Loss)

# No Undo Button
# Max notices of the game at every turn: 1
# Forbidden opening of multiple files (or others like END_OF_SCENARIO), once opened should not be closed
# Granted the savegame function in order to be played later
# Settings ON all options except “air staff assistant” and “high supply”
# All scenarios will be modified with MRPB 3, so it is mandatory to download the versions that will be available in this page
# Optional (if requested) sending of SITREPs
# Obligation to send screen when the game end
# Every game will be played both side, so a side swap will occur each turn
# The initial disposition and the map selection will be totally random every game, decided by a program
# There will be a pool of scenarios, which will be approved by the participants (look at the scenarios pool below)
# Except in cases where it is not possible, try to provide at least 1/2 turns per week
# For each scenario are valid any house rules proposed by the scenario author, everything is permitted
# All participants are required to read the messages in the post relating to this tournament
# In the event of a breach or prolonged absence, walkover opponent
# Mandatory latest official patch (

Each scenario is played twice (side swap) against the opponent. For the purpose of passing valuable factor is the final result (victory, marginal victory, draw, defeat marginal crushing defeat), if both games end in a tie score will be taken the sum of victory points in both games, if this should still is a tie will be evaluated in two games (the largest number in the case of victory points and the fewest in the case of losses).


# Rhodes 43
# Six Days War 1967 (not played)
# Balkans 13
# Kharkov 42
# Kasserine 43
# Eastern Front 1915
# Gothic Line 1944
# Tobruk 1941

FSX new entry

I’m glad to open a new area here at warhut, for my last title: Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Was a long time thinking about to play this game, I always have the passion for the fly simulation. What stopped me all the years was that I never had a joystick, seems strange but yes, I’ve recently bought one and will arrive soon.

In this area I will post some videos/photos of my flights using FSX. I’m also starting to use IVAO and will surely post some videos of that.

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Door Kickers (Alpha) Screenshots

It’s a pleasure to share this link of with the new screenshots of Door Kickers (Alpha Version). Door Kickers is a 2D RTT (Real Time Tactics) SWAT simulator game, not a complex one for sure, the objectives is to simulate the CQC actions (from here the name of the game).

The game is being developed by KillHouse Games (a properly name) and is actually in an alpha version. PC version is the main, but they said it will be possible also an iOS version.

I think it’s a funny game, worth to be played in the future (maybe with a coop mode with some friends), not a real simulator but I’m sure a lot of CQC tactics will come out, altought not so complex as in reality.

Link to the screenshots:

What’s your opinion about the game?

TOAW Stalingrad Encirclement

I’m playing the scenario “Stalingrad to Kharkov 1942” in TOAW and the soviet encirclement at Stalingrad is being developed by my opponent. This is a good point for studying the tactical situation.

This is the historical situation:

Historical Stalingrad Encirclement

Historical Stalingrad Encirclement

This is the TOAW situation:

TOAW Stalingrad Encirclement

TOAW Stalingrad Encirclement

I’ll insert some historical info ASAP, plus the tactical situation briefing in TOAW for sure! No time to do it now, sorry.


ARMA 3 Release

Notice to all fans of the genre: ARMA 3 will be released in alpha lite March 5.

The official website for the purchase and further news is:, the cost is 24 € for the moment, but it certainly will rise further with the final version (estimated to € 50) … so worth it now, since you are still entitled to the beta and the final game. The game is only available via Steam platform.

Any comments about this game and the upcoming release?

Ciudad Universitaria / Republican – AAR

This will be a fast game with Squad Battles: Spanish Civil War, scenario is Ciudad Universitaria and I will play the Republican side.

Republican OOB

# Batallon Edgar Andrè (234 Men)

– Compania Fusiles 1 (104 Men)

| Seccion 1 (32 Men)

| Seccion 2 (32 Men)

| Seccion 3 (32 Men)

– Compania Fusiles 2 (104 Men)

| Seccion 1 (32 Men)

| Seccion 2 (32 Men)

| Seccion 3 (32 Men)

– Compania Ametralladoras (20 Men)

– Seccion de Maquinas (6 Men)

The “Edgar Andrè batallion” was the first one of the newly created “International Brigade“, the XI (11th). Was formed mostly of German and Austrian men, the leader was Hans Kahle.


The objectives are some houses (Casa de Velasquez and School of Architecture) in the centre of the university city. After that, escape from passages located south (Sport Grounds). Total turns: 12.

Turn 1

This is the initial situation:

First thing is to move southward till the enemy open fire, my units will move in the woods to gain protection. I’m more concerned about the east side than the south, they could have some MG units trenched in there. In the end, one enemy units appeared and start firing, nothing to worry about.

Turn 2

Some mortars (81mm) fell on the men who were advancing, fortunately no hit. In the second round continues the assault to the House of Velasquez.

The tactic is always to stay in the woods, to avoid possible fire from the east (no LOS), in the next round a possible assault to isolate the objective and home-away troops from the street (west).

Turn 3

The enemy still relies on the inaccurate mortar fire, while the reinforcements Republicans (the second rifle company and the MG company) arrived at its destination.

This is the current situation at the beginning of round, with a clearer idea of the tactics to follow.


At the end of the turn, the nearest enemy unit is pinned down and ready to be assaulted next turn. 1st Company will advance under the MG cover from the hill, while 2nd Company will recce the east and try to occupy Casa Velasquez. Fortunately another MG section plus a mortar section is arriving to help, they will cover the 2nd company suppressing hard any enemy unit encountered.

Turn 4

All reinforcements are arrived (2 MG and 2 Mortar units), now it’s victory or death against the nationalists! In this turn some enemy units retreated near Velasquez’s House.

Some of my units stand up and run against the enemy, no casualties and a lot of terrain gained. Mortars and MG suppressed the first objective (Velasquez’s House), 2n Company still waiting for enemy approach, maybe next turn will advance. 1st Company is slowly reaching the School of Architecture houses.

Turn 5

Mass advance, altought of one single hex. Tried one assault against enemy units near Velasquez’s House, Republican soldiers pinned down but 2 enemy units are dead defending. Will keep moving south!

Nothing to say about the enemy moves, they keep firing mortars and retreat.

Turn 6

Each company reached and encircled the Velasquez’s House, this is the situation at the end of the turn:


2nd Company will assault the house in the next turns, while 1st company will continue towards the other objective. Unfortunately 1st Company is tired and suffered a lot of losses but the position of the 2nd Company is not good to let them rest a bit.

My initial plan was let the 1st to assault the house and cover the advance of the 2nd, hope this good guys can resist a little bit more in the fight!

Mortars continue suppressing enemy entrenched units, our MG must move to a better position to cover next steps. One important things is that all the enemy units in the frontline (MG’s too) are pinned down, so we’re ready to breach!

Turn 7

This turn started bad, lot of supression from enemy mortars fire…plus MG’s fire from a house far east. Anyway, lot of nationalist units retreated, unfortunately a lot of my men are pinned down.

I tried to move southward with the 1st company while the 2nd encircled the house (Velasquez’s House) and is ready for the assault as all units inside are pinned down or demoralized.

Next turn will be very important for republicans, hope will be okay!

Turn 8

Still a no go, 2nd Company started two assaults on the Velasquez’s House but we didn’t manage to occupy the building, altought a lot of enemy units have been killed or demoralized. 2nd Company is encountering a lot of problem from the enemy MG in the east, we must move from there as soon as possible.

1st Company will reorganize and assault the objectives south in the next turn.

Till now we have lost 62 brave men in the battlefield, casualties are starting to rise as our troops are tired and heavy suppressed by the MG’s fire.

Turn 9

Still lot of suppression fire from the enemy, but we’re near to the objectives and must resist!

That’s the situation at the start of the turn:


We tried again to assault the Velasquez’s House but, don’t know how, the demoralized units inside resisted and pinned down my units. This is a no go, we’re actually facing a major defeat and without this objective it will be a disaster.

Will change the tactics, 1st company will prevent enemy units to support the house while 2nd company will give life to bring it, that’s victory or death!

Turn 10

This turn have definitely closed the game. My opponents reinforced Velasquez’s House with two fresh units, plus the suppression fire defeated some of mine while the rest is demoralized or pinned. This will be a major defeat for sure, will keep playing and report a small analysis at the end.

Turn 11

That’s the last playable turn for the republicans, last assault on Velasquez’s House failed, 90% of the units are pinned or demoralized and the whole situation is a major defeat. Just waiting for the end.

Turn 12

This is the final report:



Casualties are too high, I choosen the fast path to the objectives but exposed my units to an intense MG’s and mortars fire in open space that keep them suppressed and pinned while causing a lot of losses. This is not an easy game for the republicans, you might think that choosing a secure and slow path is a good choice but there are only 12 turns and it’s not much to achieve a victory (that is what I wanted) in my opinion, or maybe I just moved too slow because keeping my units on ground. What I may surely have done was to keep my 2nd Company covered from the MG in the east and south, they’ve slaughtered my company.

Another bad things I’ve done is the positioning of my units. In the last turns my MG’s fire was blocked by advanced units in LOS, that caused a non covered advance.

Hope to have a better report next time!

Fire In The East / Axis – AAR

Well, it finally came time for my first FITE. The opponent is Freyr, which of course will play the Soviet bear.

I will try to create an AAR as detailed as possible with multimedia, will arrange to insert videos too, besides the usual images.

For the moment, the OKW/OKH/OKL is waiting to finish the planning of the attack … first round soon!

The Byrds – Lay Down You Weary Tune

Unfortunately I can not find the original version of the song, sung by Bob Dylan, but in any case, this of Byrds is a great version (although Dylan’s voice is unique).

The original song is from 1963, this cover is 1965.


Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself beneath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

Sruck by the sounds before the sun
I knew the night had gone
The morning breeze like a bugle blew
Against the drums of dawn
Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself beneath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

The ocean wild like an organ played
The seaweed wove its strands
The crashin’ waves like cymbals clashed
Against the rocks and sands
Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself beneath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

The last of leaves fell from the trees
And clung to a new love’s breast
The branches bare like a banjo played
To the winds that listened best
Lay down your weary tune, lay down
Lay down the song you strum
And rest yourself beneath the strength of strings
No voice can hope to hum

If you need to know who Byrds and Bob Dylan are, although I hope not, I suggest wikipedia :) I do not write anything because they do not need any introduction.


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